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2015-10-17 - Sometimes, you're just going to get one

Note - this is at the bottom of the article but it's important so here it is here as well: I've omitted the person's account name from the above image and purposefully NOT linked to the review. This person doesn't deserve your attention, and I explicitly ask that you refrain from hunting them out on my behalf. Let's just focus on the awesomeness of you folks instead.

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2015-10-07 - Devlog - Quarries of Scred 2: Quarreling Quarriers - 007

First up - there's a new Feedback build up on IndieDB:

Preview image of QoS2 feedback build, 2015-10-03 01

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2015-10-04 - Devlog - Quarries of Scred 2: Quarreling Quarriers - 006

This entry won't be about the game development itself, or the technical aspects. It's a bit more of a personal status one.

To put it bluntly: I'm a bit worried about QoS2QQ.

Not the game itself - the gameplay seems pretty fun, the scope creep of adding bots seems to have converted into reality pretty well, and the UI is something I'm very proud of. I'm proud of the game and the work I've done on it. What's troubling me, is how little traction I seem to be getting as of late with regard to marketing it.

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2015-09-27 - Devlog - Quarries of Scred 2: Quarreling Quarriers - 005

First up, Quarries of Scred 2 has a feedback build available on IndieDB:

Preview image of QoS2 feedback build, 2015-09-26 01

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2015-09-25 - A note or two about using Twitter

First point of order

Ok, this is a pretty basic thing about Twitter usage that I seem to have to point out quite often - thus, a post that I can link to easily.

To make it very blunt: Don't start tweets with an @, unless you intend it to be a very narrow audience. Why? Because if a tweet starts with an @ symbol, they will only show up in the timelines of:

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2015-09-20 - Reading Accomplishments - 005

Errr, it's been quite some time since the last entry (a month and a half). My reading has slowed down a bit, but I think that's an ok thing - my previous level of consumption was ridiculously high. I managed to get through the third Doom novel, which was as... odd as I recalled (this is the entry in which the series suddenly goes 'FUCK YOU WE'RE A SPACE OPERA NOW'), and I read some really great short stories (and a really, really bad one too). I began reading the Sword & Planet genre series Dray Prescot, which was surprisingly interesting.

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2015-09-17 - I don't fucking want your game idea (really)

There was once a perfectly succinct article on this topic but I can't find it - so instead you get this one by me. Strap in, it's going to get a bit sweary - like all of my best writing.

This particular topic comes up every now and then - sometimes it even includes a request to sign an NDA.

Let's start off with a simple statement: I do not want your game idea. I do not want to steal it.

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2015-09-16 - Devlog - Quarries of Scred 2: Quarreling Quarriers - 004

There's been a lot of progress on the game since the last update. Forgive me if I miss anything I've worked on - it's been a long fortnight.

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2015-09-01 - Devlog - Quarries of Scred 2: Quarreling Quarriers - 003

Despite being sick, I managed to get some solid progress in this week. While last week's progress was very much about the ingame visuals and gameplay elements, this week was about what I call framing (that is, the elements around the actual gameplay that help the player enjoy it). This week, I coded in Crabbens to commentate the early portions of game setup

Quarries of Scred 2 screenshot showing Crabbens commentating the player selection screen

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2015-08-26 - Devlog - Quarries of Scred 2: Quarreling Quarriers - 002

I've been pretty fortunate the last fortnight or so to get a surprisingly good amount of work done on QoS2:QQ. Some of it's been surprisingly productive behind the scenes stuff that the players may not notice, but some of it has been very visually indicative.

I've added:


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