Tales of Ffeog & Tolin - Volume VIII

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Tales of Ffeog and Tolin - VIII

Note: The following is intended as a mythical, in-universe tale about an adventurer from the past. Hopefully, there will be a few more, each in a format to most myths (a tale of trouble vaguely like a parable). The following hasn't been passed yet to the writers, so it will likely change a bit).
Previously, I've posted The Beast of Crops which forms Volume IV

Long ago, Ffeog was summoned to the side of the Second Archmage at the newformed Stone Circle. Being a longstanding friend of the Archmage, Ffeog hastened to join him and left his cottage just outside Wakeburg.

He took upon his arm Sigethwyth, his singing shield and Vostrath, his ruthless blade. Upon the trail he travelled, banging upon his shield to provide him with music as he went. The shield responded to each beat with a carefree tune - though it would change in the presence of his enemies. Spying a Croceleon along the way, Ffeog slew the beast and carried it upon his left shoulder.

Upon arrival at the stone circle, Ffeog ceased his percussion and joined his old friend. Ffeog had known the Archmage before his rise to the position, when the first Archmage had reigned. The two made merry and feasted upon the beast after it had been roasted by the mage's magical flames.

'Ho, Ffeog, while it is good to see you, these times are indeed troublesome', spoke the Archmage. He fixed Ffeog with a gaze, and continued 'While normally, a mission of this import would require that I request both you and Tolin....'

'...this could allow him to cause far too much trouble?' Ffeog laughed, as he concluded the others statement. Tolin's capacity for troublemaking and trickerism had caused them many problems and delays before. The concern that the Archmage showed, indicated the severity of the undertaking. 'What can it be, that has you so shaken?'

'When I created that circle', the Archmage motioned at the pillars of stone, 'I did it using the power of the Runeflow. The stones themselves did not come from the land, but are Runeflow itself manifested. In doing so, I used not only the runeflow from Arnthak, but also drew upon that of nearby Planes'

By drawing the energy of other planes, the Archmage explained, he had created a disturbance that may be detected elsewhere. Such a disturbance may attract attention across the void.

'Ah, so, perhaps a patrol is in order?'

With that, Ffeog gathered up his equipment and headed beyond the plane of Arnthak. Ffeog passed beyond the Wakeward Sea, and over the edge using Sigethwyth as a coracle and his blade as an oar.

For a month, Ffeog journeyed amongst the neighbouring planes of Arnthak knowing only peace. The burning plane of Caer Phosulor held no animosity to Arnthak, its ruler, remembering Ffeog's fondness for wine provided a pendant that would change water to the liquid of his choice to ensure him with a supply (for water was common, but wine was mostly a province of Arnthak only).

Within the silent realm of Lorskelkim & Tarvos, Ffeog found only serenity and calm. Both Lord and Lady were bound to ignore the living, and could only watch as Ffeog passed. Within Caer Rilundves, Ffeog was reminded of his debt to the Lady of the Waters but allowed to go free.

It was not until he passed the site of a previous adventure in the minor planes that Ffeog saw a sign. Seeing the smokey trails of campfires, he slowed his journey and crept upon the site. From another plane he spied a small army camped upon a rocky outcrop.

'Ho,' he thought 'it is good that Tolin is not here - the trouble he could cause with this opportunity'

As soon as the thought fled from his mind, he was apprehended by scouts that had ended up behind him. Roughly, he was taken before the camp leader - a vast man named Maedin. Ffeog was deposited in the middle of the campsite and released by the scouts. Maedin, full of mirth, challenged the interloper to a duel. Knowing his skill,

The two battled hard, for a day and a night before calling a ceasation. Breaking to drink and eat, Maedin exhausted his flask of water - the last within the campsite. Ffeog, unexpectedly offered his own to his enemy. Maedin, still parched, downed the offering and the pair resumed combat.

Sigethwyth sang, as the two attacked and repelled. Ffeog wailed Vostrath against his enemy's armour, knowing the advantage would soon be his - he had used the stone to change the water into wine. Maedin, drunk on both the wine and his ego soon fell as Vostrath found a gap in his defenses.

Under the conditions of the challenge, Ffeog assumed control of the warparty. This band of men would follow Ffeog on many adventures across the planes over the next year. After a year, Ffeog released the men and allowed them to settle upon the grounds of Arnthak in the village that later became known as Durrydham.