2012-10-13 - Forging Arnthak 060

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World Building

The last few weeks have been diverted into a lot of behind-the-scenes work, which is why things have been quiet on the blog-front. I've been working on a few features which will really help bring the game to life. However, there's also been a few things worth revealing at the same time


This update period saw the writing of Tales of Ffeog & Tolin - Volume VIII - a tale focused on Ffeog this time. Other small aspects are beginning to emerge - this tale reveals that Durrydham was created by those who were not originally from Arnthak.....
Before we get too far along, here's a video of me testing Elthoithyrr, hamnmer of the Void


Huge amounts of back-end work has been done in the last few weeks. One of the noticeable things, is the slow implementation of Expeditions. When certain NPCs return to the Archmage's tower, they can be instructed to form Expeditions. This will typically result in several NPCs disappearing (and reappearing elsewhere) as well as various rewards and hazards. The code for it isn't too much work, but I'd like to lay down a very good structure in order to use this to a good extent later on.
Another aspect of the code work for the week has been 'on arrival events' - when the player enters a map chunk, it is checked to see if there are any time based changes, etc. This means, I currently can trigger one of the main enemies to appear under various conditions, and he will walk across various chunks due to the timing. It is glorious.
Third, I've implemented Elthoithyrr, the wooden spear (which some NPCs will throw, and the player can pick up and throw) and the Silver Whistle, whose notes will cause NPCs to fall asleep. I speculate that the gold one will make them wake up, but I haven't gotten to that yet.
A fourth feature? That one will have to remain under wraps, I'm afraid. Too many spoilers.

Map Work

This wave has involved a fair amount of map replanning - Jay and I have consulted on the layout for the Myconid home area (Sporehome) at the top of the forest. It's shaping up well, and I'm quite happy with it. Other areas are getting various clean and polish to just smooth them over.


Here's the atlas. It really, really needs an update, but unfortunately this is a time consuming task:

Screen Shots

The new items for the week

New items for Arnthak, 2012-10-13

  • Armour stand with Necromancer's Mask & Staff (which are actually two different items...)
  • Spoilers
  • Jar of Spoilers
  • Elthoithyrr, Hammer of the Void/Stars
  • Wooden Spear
  • Silver Whistle
  • Gold Whistle
  • Musical Note

Current ranks of NPCs!

NPCs for Arnthak, 2012-10-13

Current list of Items!

Item for Arnthak, 2012-10-13