2012-11-10 - Forging Arnthak 062

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World Building

I've neglected Arnthak the last week or so, despite the flurry of activity over the last entry. It's unfortunate, but it happens at times. This entry, though, we have a small, but interesting changes. The new Incubator tower upgrade will allow the player to hatch any eggs that he/she has collected along their way. Another minor aspect has been the alteration of a few existing NPCs to provide them with nicer sprites.


Not too much going on with Lore at the moment, though I'm considering a new in-verse tale next week


At the moment, I'm tweaking a few things on the engine. I'm also looking into methods for allowing the player to change the keyboard configuration (as this is a handy feature to have, and also adds to the accessibility element of the game). The main code for this update was getting the Incubator to work, as well as a few minor things here and there.

Map Work

The map continues to slowly shift and change - The tower has been updated to reflect the new incubator though I'm not entirely sure how that will work. I had to put it on its own boiler/furnace system, which I'd rather not do (I imagine the tower having just one steam system, not two separate ones).
I'll also be going through and changing a few areas to allow for more 'restricted' access areas - notably those requiring a toolkit to get to.


The external atlas got an overhaul last weekend, which was fantastic. This is made a lot easier by this new PC:

Screen Shots

The proliferation of various birds within the tower walls indicates that the incubator is functioning, and that I have accidentally put too many eggs within it....

Birds hatched within the incubator, Arnthak

The new items for the week

New items for Arnthak, 2012-11-10

  • New Sprite for Nysiamor-Tiw
  • Unnamed NPC - probably a historic figure
  • New Sprite for Drahonia Lyedarim
  • Book of Arnthakian Tunes Volume 1
  • Book of Arnthakian Tunes Volume 2
  • Incubator

Current ranks of NPCs!

NPCs for Arnthak, 2012-11-10

Current list of Items!

Item for Arnthak, 2012-11-10