2013-01-05 - Forging Arnthak 066

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World Building

To open on a personal note, a lovely lady has agreed to marry me! I've known my fiancée for 8 years, and I'm a very, very lucky guy. (This is the personal business I alluded to last entry, so you can put your mind to rest on that one).

Moving on, this week has been an immensely busy week for Arnthak. Some pretty intensive coding has been happening, and Jay has been working like an absolute machine to produce some delicious sprites for us all.

I spent some time over Christmas playing a few indie games (purchased over STEAM), and... well, I found a few things that were absolutely unacceptable to me about them. I then looked at Arnthak and realised I was guilty of quite a few, so this is an attempt to fix much of that.


No work on lore this week! Too much other stuff going on under the hood


I've been on holidays this week, which has meant quite a few 'work-till-the-sun-rises' codestorms. I've been tidying up a lot of the old engine code, as well as (slowly) implementing a proper save/load system for the game. People following either myself or the Arnthak G+ page will have noticed a lot of comments regarding 'stupid things I did years ago'. In short - I basically wrote some 'optimised' code for the Sprite Animation objects that was actually really, really bad. When I recently ran Arnthak through a profiler, I found that the game spent approximately 5% of the time looking for Animations... this has been fixed, and the game ultimately runs a lot smoother. In fact, I've run a simple test involving 300+ birds flying around the screen and had no noticeable lag (previously, I could get about 20-30).

To say that the discovery of this problem was embarrassing is quite the understatement, heh.

Map Work

The map's remaining static for now, though it will get a rather big change when I implement the new goodies from Jay (which you will see below!).


Here's the links to the atlas:

Screen Shots

I'm hoping you'll forgive that this one isn't in-situ, but here's Jay's new Hanging Sporehome sprite. I'm extremely, extremely thrilled and excited by this one:

Hanging Sporehome for Arnthak

Arnthak's Necromancers got a new death animation (which is fantastic, as my programmer-art one was pretty awful. When they die, they leave behind a pile of ashes, mask & staff.... some of which can be picked up.

Necromancer death animation

Jay's also smashed out some really nice texture spritework for the interior of the Sporehomes. Here's the Larger one:

Large Sporehome interior for Arnthak

... and now the smaller one!:

Small Sporehome interior for Arnthak

Here's one of the Necromancers fragrantly disregarding my previously set limits on how many skeletons they could spawn....

Kale vs the Necromancers

Current NPCs

NPCs for Arnthak, 2013-01-05

Current list of Items!

Item for Arnthak, 2013-01-05