2014-06-22 - State of the Quarry Address 003

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It has been a while since the last State of the Quarry Address. This is mostly due to my absence for a month and a half, combined with wedding preparations (Thank you all for your well wishes - both events were awesome). There's been a few developments, so this is an attempt to bring things to light.

First - The current state of the Quarry. The sales graph below indicates that QoS has largely entered a low-turn over state, which was relatively predictable. This graph is roughly indicative of a few things, but namely a lack of the game being pushed during the time that I was absent - though it also indicates that the game's sales had begun to slow before that time.

This is well within expectations - the game has already surpassed all goals that I had set for income & sales figures. I'm pretty thrilled with its performance, and it has yet to hit true long-tail status. In short: Though sales are quiet and sporadic, things are ok.

Update 004

In light of the above factors, I've been working on the next update for QoS. As per Update 3, the focus is about rewarding the existing players & fans - while also hopefully providing a catalyst to attract new players. The update was originally scheduled (internally) to drop this weekend - but it has since come to my attention that there is presently a Steam Sale - which would dwarf any news of QoS in all forms. I have, after agonising about the thought, decided to postpone the release of Update 004 until the steam sale has run its course. I have contacted a number of players within the QoS community, who have all indicated support for this decision - though it is not one I take lightly.

With this in mind, here are the changes that can be anticipated when Update 004 drops:

  1. New Game Mode: Darkness mode
  2. New Game Mode: 60 Second Challenge mode
  3. New Game Mode: 120 Second Challenge mode
  4. New Game Element: A new threat
  5. New Game Element: A new predesigned area for the New Threat's nest
  6. New Game Element: Flares & Flare Launcher
  7. New Meta Element: Ability to tweet your highscore (using Twitter Intents)
  8. New Meta Element: Update Checker
  9. New Meta Element: Hammerspace Intro Music from the awesome CFX Music
  10. New Meta Element: Widescreen overlay

Notably, items 7 & 8 represent entirely new code for myself - I have not actually written code to deal with data from websites before, and the Twitter Intents work came only with extensive help & support from the fantastic Tom Coxon, the developer of Lenna's Inception.

Indie Game Stand

In other news, QoS has been accepted by IndieGameStand.com - for quite a while, actually. I simply haven't been able to time the release well (and, considering that I was to open it for sale on the same time as dropping U004, this continues to be an issue). Regardless - it will be emerging there soon.

Notably, this is good for a two reasons - possibility of reaching a new audience, and providing alternate payment methods for those who could not use Paypal in the past.


Quarries of Scred has also been accepted for PAX in Australia this year - the event will be in the later half of the year, and there is still a lot to organise. It will form another learning experience for me - I have had some experience with games at PAX, as I gave sales support to the Kactus Games crew for Legacy of Barubash - but it'll be my first toe in the water as a Dev.


In closing - I'd like to again take some time to thank you all. QoS has been a success by virtue of the unrelenting support and encouragement that I have received from the community. There is no end to the love that I have for you all.